“First Look” = A More Relaxed Bride. Here’s Why!

After years of photographing weddings, I’ve noticed one thing that can help a nervous bride.

FACT: Doing a “first look” on your wedding day can help you feel more calm. Here are my top 3 reasons why!

If you’re the type of person that knows you’re going to feel ultra nervous on your wedding day, then maybe doing a private “first look” before walking down the isle is a good idea. After years of photographing weddings, I’ve noticed that the bride who sees her groom before being surrounded by guests tends to be more relaxed. Here’s why!

1. You can be yourself.

It’s very likely that both of you will have a much more natural reaction during a private first look, then when walking down the isle with 200 guests staring at you. Releasing that emotion, embracing, kissing and just telling each other how you really feel can decrease your stress. Not only is this a beautiful time for your photographer to capture that raw emotion, but it sets you up for looking (and feeling) a lot more relaxed as you walk down the isle.

2. Your confidence is boosted.

That’s right! After being told how amazing you look by your soon-to-be husband, and seeing his (real) reaction away from any guests, you’ll feel a lot more confident in yourself. It’s hard to talk and tell each other how amazing the other looks when guests surround you all day. If you unload your feelings before the big day takes off, your confidence will soar a little higher.

3. Your day runs more smoothly.

A lot of people may not realize this, but doing a first look can actually help your day run more smoothly. This is because your photographer will have time to capture the two of you alone before your official bride and groom photo session has even begun. You can get a lot of poses out of the way and not feel as rushed when your actual bridal session is being done after the ceremony. Your photographer might even give you an extended break before the reception starts, and that’s something you’ll definitely thank them for- being the centre of attention isn’t always easy!

So there you have it! My top three reasons why I believe that having a first look is beneficial for the nervous bride. Click here to see photos from a wedding where the bride and groom did a first look- you’ll notice how happy and relaxed they look! 😉


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